Bundle: Ornamentus shawl PDF & yarn 4ply 750m

Bundle: Ornamentus shawl PDF & yarn 4ply 750m

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Woolpedia® Colors Wolleule colorgrading yarn with glitter thread

Colors: grey, cyclam, Gabbiano + silver glitter thread
4ply, 750m
Needle size: 3-4mm
long color gradient

Material: 40% modal, 37% polyacrylic, 19% polyamide, 4% other fibres


super soft and fluffy yarn
Modal is similar to merino wool, it is warming and breathable, vegan.

Plied yarn, the threads run side by side.



There is no charm attached to this yarn ball. Please unravel this yarn only from outside.
Modal mix yarn in combination with glitter thread is best for advanced crafters.
This yarn tends to loop and is hard to unravel if you are unsatisfied with your project.

If you never used plied yarn, please choose our Colors without glitter thread.


Handmade yarn - custom order


Care indstructions:
handwash, max. 30°C
dry on a flat surface
do not tuble dry, do not bleach, do not iron


You would like to choose custom color gradients?



Ornamentus shawl crochet pattern - ©Wolleule

Wolleule: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoWti58l4T8XZ5a20tnkpcQ


You will need:

Woolpedia Colors colorgrading yarn (3ply 1000m / 4ply 750m):
Crochet hook: http://bit.ly/1dojJo3
Tapestry needle: http://bit.ly/1EiXKYC

This pattern is for advanced crocheters who are familiar with crochet basics.
This is a pattern for crocheting the Ornamentus shawl, NOT the finished product.

Mac automatically opens PDFs itself. PC users need software to read the PDF, such as the free Adobe Reader.


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