Angel Babies


An organization founded by Chris & Julia to support clinics in cases of stillbirths.

We craft and collect donations for "angel babies" and deliver them to places where it is needed for free.


What is a stillbirth?
A stillbirth is a baby already born dead.
In some cases, parents know about this and can prepare, in some cases it happens unexpectedly.

Sometimes it happens that babies leave us shortly after a "normal" birth.


How can you help, what is Woolpedia doing?
No matter what case, usually you can not expect from parents to be prepared for such a case.
You can not expect from a mother to make clothes in case a baby is born dead.
No mother should worry about grave goods.

We would like to care for this.


We manufacture and collect:

- Clothes for "angel babies" like changing doilies, sleeping bags, wrap-over jackets, trousers, caps, socks, etc.
- blankets, baskets
- Candles, cards, small stuffed animals and similar grave goods

We send them for free to clinics or institutions that are in need.

Currently we supply:
- Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Situation in the clinics

Many people and staff in clinics or hospitals have understanding for this situation and try to facilitate this experience for the mother / parents and they try to support the parents.

However, there are also situations where mothers are neglected during a stillbirth, left alone, verbally "offended". There are situations where "angel babies" are being served in a kidney dish or even being disposed of via the organ garbage.

Hereby we provide informational material, which should always remind of a dignified relationship with the parents and the situation.