Please find some old patterns here: https://www.woolpedia.de/deutsch/schmetterlingskinder/

We no longer support "Aktion der Schmetterlingskinder".
Reason: Our last state is that unsuitable handicrafts are beeing disposed.


How to customize sizes

The easiest way to adapt an existing tutorial by using thicker or thinner yarn in combination with matching needles.
Thicker yarn automatically generates a larger size, a thinner one smaller.

If you want to rewrite and convert the instructions, you can use your yarn swatch as a base.




Every piece of clothing has a memento.


This should be handed over to the parents. Not every nurse or doctor is aware of these memento. The cards remember ho to handle the sets.

Everything is joined with a safety pin.

The card can be punched at the corner.

We attach these cards to each of your clothes donations.

If you want to print some of them yourself, you can download the PDF here.

Angel Babys Karten.pdf 
PDF-Dokument [2.7 MB]

Wrap blankets

A simple crocheted square wrapped around the baby.
Small square: memorial
To close with an iCord or button.


Perfect for size S, but also for all other sizes.


How big should be the blanket for a baby size S, M and L?

- Fold the finished blanket, afterwards you can see the final size (see picture).

Example: A 20x20cm blanket results in a size S folded for a baby of about 10cm in size.

Woolpedia Angel Babys Overall

Baby Overall

Only for size S

Cuddle cot baskets

For all sizes

Please make as washable as possible, for best results please use 100% cotton.

No cardboard inserts.


Perfect for size S, but suitable for all sizes.
Small cocoon - memory for parents

Wrap jacket

from size M

The instructional video produces a "normal" size.
Please work with thinner yarn for smaller sizes.

Cocoon for legs

complements the jacket to the set

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