Everyone who wants to help and support our organization is welcome!


How can I help?
- make donations in kind
- buy donations in kind such as candles or cards
- Send a donation
- Send material for handicrafts
- Share experience
- inform others about this organization


Make donations in kind

Every handiwork is welcome, no matter if it is crocheted, knitted, sewn, woven, etc.

Above all, we need sizes for babies:
S 10-20cm
M approx. 30cm
L approx. 40cm

For sizes over 50cm "normal" clothing can be used in clinics, this is usually already available.


Color choice:
Please choose as light, pastel colors as possible.
No dark colors like black, brown, dark red, purple, etc.
No crazy colors, no neon, no costumes.

Please understand that donations should not be made or packed in a smoker household environment.


Wrap blankets
Baby overalls
Wrap-over jackets and cocoons
Sleeping bags
and similar

As addition to every baby clothes set there should be made a memento with the same yarn / fabric & color. This memory piece is given to the parents.

Blankets in all sizes. These can be used in many ways.


Grave goods such as stuffed animals, hearts, etc.

Cards, candles, angels, etc.

Cardboard boxes / other boxes - neutral colors or suitable for this topic -> memory boxes


Shipping address:
Woolpedia, Marquardt
Stübegg 34/1
2871 Zöbern

We're going to present your donations in our Youtube videos.
If you want to remain anonymous or your work should not be shown, please leave a note in the package.


Send money donations
You can do this via
Leave a short note that this is an Angel Babies donation.


Donate materials
Please feel free to post in our Facebook group if you have a material giveaway:


Share experience
If you want to share your experience as a parent or supporter we will gladly publish it on our website.

Write us:

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