Woolpedia® Colors colorgrading yarn

Our Colors are handmade colorading yarns.

You can order custom gradients or choose from a variety.

Usually our Colors come with short knots at each grading point. If you wish, we deliver the grading knots with long tails.

The Colors fade evenly. For triangle shawl we reccomend to wish a shawl grading. The grading parts are shorter at the beginning and longer at the end. This way you'll have much more grading fun while knitting/crocheting a triangle shawl.

Please leave all your wishes at the end of your checkout process or through mail afterwards.

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Woolpedia® Colors Custom Modal colorgrading yarn

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100 m = 2.02 €

Woolpedia® Colors Socks Custom - modal sock yarn

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100 m = 2.00 €

Woolpedia® Colors Berlin V colorgrading yarn

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100 m = 2.00 €
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1 - 36 of 306 results