Woolpedia® Colors Surprise

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Woolpedia Colors Surprise

Surprise yourself and try different gradient yarns from Woolpedia!
E.g. Colors, Socks, Milanos, TwinkleZ

Handmade by Chris & Julia

Please choose a desired size.

The content always has a higher value than you pay for.


The surprise often contains yarns that are unique and can not be found in the shop. You will often receive unique designs for larger orders.

Color wishes can be taken into account if you really like a certain color or a certain one not at all.
Individual color gradients and compositions can be realized with our Colors Custom.
Material compositions are random and can NOT be desired. This is a Surprise = unknown content.

From experience we know that it is sometimes misunderstood, so here an explanation.
Surprise means that you get a selection of Colors tangles that you do NOT know before. Say you can not put this box together. It is NOT a compilation box.
We do not track each of you on Facebook or Instagram. Please do not expect us to know what your favorite color or favorite material or favorite length is. Even if you have material incompatibilities, we can not take any account of it and only put Modal in the package, that would be unfair to other customers.

So again briefly: You will be surprised by the content and you do not know this before.

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