Worth knowing about plied / untwisted yarn


Quality and origin

Our cotton mix yarns are dyed in Germany and Bulgaria.
Standard: OEKO-TEX®100
free from toxic and environmentally hazardous chemicals
suitable for babies

Our modal mix yarns are dyed in Bulgaria.
Standard: OEKO-TEX®100
free from toxic and environmentally hazardous chemicals
suitable for babies

Modal fibres are made in Austria, made of beech wood.


Plied yarns

This yarn contains multiply strands of fibres which are NOT twisted.
It takes a bit of getting used to, at first you should be careful to knit / crochet a little bit accurately.

Untwisted yarn tends to have sindgle strand loops while crafting.
Cause is a very little difference between the single tensions during the manufacturing process.

So what to do, if your yarn has a loop?
There are some options for this:
- Stroke one loop just a little, e.g. to the end of your row. Then cut your yarn and join the yarn as for a new yarn ball. NEVER stroke a loop through your whole crafting process. You will get knots and more more more loops.
- Knot the loop and cut it off.
- A very small loop can be just worked into your craft.


Washing instructions

There is no real difference between "normal" yarns and untwisted yarns.
We recommend always to wash by hand.

Be careful with additional glitter thread in your yarn!
Glitter additions are very sensitive.
We recommend to anravel your yarn ball from the outside.
Don't iron such yarns, block them by only lying on a flat surface.
Blocking is not always required.

Please be careful combining your finished projects with your clothes.
Does your jacket or sweater have a velcro? Then rather not wearing the beautiful shawl today, because single strands are caught in it easily.


Choosing custom colorgrading

A grading needs space. 10 single colors in a 300m yarn ball do not have enough space for their whole potential.
Similar colors get the most beautiful grading results.
E.g. if you choose white, light green and dark green or yellow, orange and red.
Color combinations such as black, green look mostly ticked off, but have potential for poppy combinations.

Usually our Colors / TwinkleZ come with short knots at each grading point. If you wish, we deliver the grading knots with long tails.

The Colors fade evenly. For triangle shawl we reccomend to wish a shawl grading. The grading parts are shorter at the beginning and longer at the end. This way you'll have much more grading fun while knitting/crocheting a triangle shawl.

Please leave all your wishes at the end of your checkout process or through mail afterwards.