LAMANA Cosma modal-cotton yarn 50g

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100 g = 9.00 €

100 g = 9.00 €

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(project pics made with Lamana Cosma)



The very soft modal fibre is now available as modal-cotton mix by LAMANA.

Modal is a cellulose yarn with properties similar to merino wool. It is a natural fiber free of animal fibers and without animal suffering.
In combination with cotton, it is a beautiful, soft, smooth and light yarn, which is incredibly nice to wear on the skin.
Pleasure for the hands while knitting or crocheting.

Material: 60% cotton, 40% modal

The cotton is Peruvian Pima cotton, which is especially fine.
It is softer and more absorbent than other cotton varieties, durable, highly resistant to tangles and is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Yardage 100m

50g skein

Needle size: 3-5mm

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