Madeira Metallic glitter reinforcement thread 120 1000m

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Madeira Metallic

Glitter reinforcement thread

Great to spice up your yarns and make your projects sparkle!
Add this thread to your usual yarn when knitting / crocheting.

55% metallized fiber, 45% polyamide

Strength 120
Length: 1000m

Chemically cleanable

Made in Germany
Madeira professional quality, no stinking Chinaware!

Of course, you can already order our Colors gradient yarns with glitter, but if you want to keep control over the glitter thread yourself or if you want to experiment with several colors or different glitter positions, you will find the right glitter thread here!

The thread can be unwound directly from the spool.

Attention: The unravelling of projects with glitter thread can be difficult. In some cases, unravelling won't be possible, so handle with care.

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